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We have been maintaining all Sealed Quench Furnace Lines at MICO, Bangalore in their Plants I & II for the past fifteen years.

We have permanently employed full fledged and experienced team of Engineers, Supervisors, Fitters and Electricians and have specialized and specific experience in Heat Treatment Furnace operation and maintenance. Most of us have gained experience working with Westerwork Engineers Ltd and other major Furnaces manufacturers.

We are specialized in preventive maintenance, which means that we make sure that the Furnaces are running in healthy condition without any breakdowns. For this we run daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks devised and designed by us to avoid any breakdowns. We also help production personnel by giving them proper training in operation and maintenance of furnaces and their accessories.

We are pleased to offer our services for maintaining your Heat Treatment Plant.

We look forward to a long and fruitful association with your esteemed plant.

Please let us know the types of equipments you require maintenance.

Your Enquires can be sent to info@infosols.com